Pre Wedding & Post Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Photography

A few days before your wedding, you feel  excitement and intense emotions that only your partner shares. Dhiman Studio & Mising Centre capture these emotions of couples before the hustle and bustle of the Indian wedding begins. The pictures will have signature of your unique personalities in beautiful settings – pictures which will make you feel special, pictures which tell a story.

Our approach to pre-wedding photography is to non-intrusively and creatively capture the spontaneous moments you share with your better half. The rapport which we establish with clients makes them comfortable throughout the pre-wedding shoot as well as during the wedding. Our results have delighted our clients and given them captured moments which mark the beginning our their new life together. We will be happy to give referrals if required by you.

Post Wedding Photography

Day after wedding photos are, for Dhiman Studio & Mixing Centre, a unique invitation to your own private photo session.  Day two presents infinite options:  you can bag the dress and clean the tux, take them out for another spin, or ditch them all together and put on that dress you’ve never found the perfect occasion for. 

The day after session presents the couple and their photographer with more time than on the day of the wedding, and the freedom to work without the concern of a little dirt on your beautiful gown.  We love the idea of being able to take a little more time with our clients, free from schedule and weather constraints of the wedding day.

We deliver incredible pictures that are more than you expect and everything you deserve.

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Dhiman Studio & Mixing Centre Ludhiana is specialized in Wedding Photography and Marriage Videography, Pre-Wedding Photography & Videography, Modeling Portfolio, Product Photography, Baby shots, Birthday Photography, Group Photography, Post Marriage Photography & Family Photography. We have a well equipped photo and video editing studio in Ludhiana and our team of highly experienced photographers, videographers are well equipped with the latest Digital Cameras and video cameras in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

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